Sustainable Development and Protecting the Earth

The broadening or diversification of the household economic base is fundamental to health, reducing food insecurity and vulnerability. Where there are opportunities for improving agricultural and pastoral systems in ways that can contribute to better living standards and food security, these must be seized.

On natural resource management, governments in Africa are shifting from a regulatory approach to one in which communities assume greater responsibility for safeguarding resources and are encouraged to share benefits.

Allocation fo adequate resources to the health sector in Africa has been a perennial challenge. Good health is a cornerstone for all nations. The second Abuja declaration committed African heads of state to allocate 15% of their national budgets to health and mobilise resources to tackle HIV.

There is need to locate resources to fight malaria, HIV, ebola and promote mother and child well being which are critical health challenges in Africa.

In response of the foregoing, ACRL-RfP is pursuing the following four results.

  1. Act to improve the lives of children, youth, women and their families.
  2. Promote food security and conservation agriculture.
  3. Promote environmental protection and climate change adaptation.
  4. Strengthen support for sustainable development goals.