Peace and Justice

Socio-economic injustice creates inequity, huge gaps between groups in society, political tension and usually generates conflict. Peace and stability is undermined by persistent high unemployment, escalating prices of food and basic commodities, and widening inequalities.

Terrorism has become a major concern. It has an adverse effect on citizens, causes death and injuries leading to loss of livelihoods, disrupts business and adversely affects public confidence and investment.

ACRL-RfP has an opportunity to network and work with others on this global phenomenon in developing an agenda around peace and sectarian violence. Religious leaders, guided by their values, are in a position to provide an alternative voice that can challenge sectarian conflicts and extremism.

ACRL-RfP has an opportunity to interrogate radicalization, extremism, conflict, the role of the youth and related trends. In response, ACRL-RfP will pursue the following four intermediate results and related activities in promoting justice.

  1. Build a culture of peace in African society
  2. Activate religious actors for conflict transformation in Africa
  3. Develop mechanisms to counter radicalization, misuse of religion and violent extremism in Africa
  4. Support disarmament efforts nationally, regionally and globally