General Assembly

The General Assembly of ACRL-RfP is currently composed of senior religious leaders from the following religious institutions:

  1. All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC);
  2. Symposium of Episcopal Conferences for Africa and Madagascar (SECAM);
  3. Organization of African Instituted Churches (OIAC);
  4. Pan African Islamic Body
  5. The World Islamic Call Society (WICS);
  6. Hindu Council of Africa (HCA);
  7. World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization (WUCWO);
  8. Representatives from Muslim Women Leaders in Africa;
  9. African Women of Faith Network (AWFN);
  10. African Religious Youth Network (ARYN);
  11. Representatives from the Indigenous Religions of Africa;
  12. Seventh Day Adventists
  13. Bahai Faith
  14. Religions for Peace International.