Executive Committee

Ms. Agathe Sagne

Ms. Agathe Mossane Sagne is the Youth Representative in African Council of Religious Leaders-Religions for Peace. She is a Senegalese by nationality who come from a strong Catholic family with 7 siblings. Her journey with the young catholic students (YCS) started with her admission in high school in 2000. Thus, having been responsible for her section (2003), then federal secretary in charge of training and cadets (2004), she joined YCS National Team of Senegal in 2007. From being Secretary in charge of Information, communication and documentation, she ended up being responsible for projects and programs after being in charge training at national Level. However, her first years in the national team were accompanied by active involvement with YCS at the university level.  She’s currently serving as regional coordinator of IYCS Africa, where she gets the ground to help in addressing the challenges faced by all young people in Africa. Her dream is to see all the young people, without difference of race and religion, working together for a world of peace and justice.

She believes in an African proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, walk with others” and therefore working with others is our credo since we intend to go far in this journey!!