ACRL-RFP Vision, Mission, Values


Sustainable peace and Justice in Africa


Mobilizing religious leaders and their communities to build peaceful, just, hopeful and harmonious societies in Africa

Value statements

Love and inclusiveness: We are unreservedly concerned for the spiritual and wholesome development of all persons.

Peace and non-violence: We uphold harmony characterised by the resolution of conflict without violence.

Mutual respect and dignity: We recognize that all human beings have equal potential, with an innate right to be valued and respected.

Integrity: We are committed to ensuring that our actions adhere to our moral and ethical principles and conduct our affairs with honesty.

Stewardship: We uphold responsible and accountable planning and management of resources.

Trustworthiness: We nurture and value reliable and dependable relationships with our stakeholders.

Partnership: We build relationship with like-minded persons and organizations and pool skills and resources to generate better results for our stakeholders.

Advocacy: We challenge injustice and inequity and uphold the preferential treatment of the poor, marginalized and voiceless.