Synopsis of a workshop to assess religious relation and collaboration in South Sudan

1.0 Introduction

Since independence of South Sudan from Sudan, religious asymmetry emerged with Sudan having Muslim majority and South Sudan having Christians as majority. The two countries have the opposite formula of religious minority. With the history of conflict to which often religion has been cited as a driver or motivator, the division and establishment of the two states resulted to majority and minority religious groups. In such a state, the question of interreligious and interfaith relation and cooperation often arise. Dominance or non-dominance of majority and the shadowing of minority characterizes how faith communities relate.


In order to support religious leaders to foster positive interfaith relation, there is need to have a systematic understanding of religious relations to establish if they complement or suffocate each other. During 2018, ACRL-RfP proposes to carry out a study of religious/interfaith relations in South Sudan through a facilitated workshop.


  • Justification


This workshop will contribute to SSIRC introspection and dialogue for strategic position that is critical for collaborative engagement on issues of mutual concern. The study will provide primary information on religious collaboration and engagement to ACRL and RPP partners which will provide lenses through which the nested partners acting together or individually will engage religious leaders in South Sudan.


3.0 Strategy/process

  1. Desk review of inter-religious/faith relations to. –To be done prior to the workshop
  2. Hold a two day workshops to reflect on interfaith relation, collect more information and some of the findings from document review(validate desk research) (in Juba, S. Sudan). – this will be through the strategic positioning in interfaith relation and collaboration
  3. Combining and cleaning the findings into final report.
  4. Design and printing of the final version of the report and dissemination.


4.0 Participants

The workshop will involve 15 Religious Leader drawn from SSCC and South Sudan Muslim Council and 2 ACRL-RfP staff.  

5.0 Date and Venue

The activities held in Addis Ababa- as demonstrated by the itinerary below:

Date Venue Activity No. of participants
26th June 2018 Nairobi to Juba Travel from Nairobi to Juba, S, Sudan 2 ACRL Staff
27th – 28th June 2018 Juba S. Sudan Workshop proceedings on religious relation and collaboration 15 Religious Leaders

2 ACRL Staff

29th  June 2018 Juba to Nairobi Travel from Juba to Nairobi 2 ACRL Staff
By 16th July 2018 Nairobi Draft report is ready for comment 1 ACRL Staff
By 23rd July 2018 Nairobi Receive comments from RPP Nested partners All RPP Partners
6th August 2018 Nairobi Refine design and print the report ACRL and printer
After 6th August 2018 Nairobi Distribution of report begins ACRL


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